"falling in love is not a choice, to stay in love is." welcome to the third chapter of my k-life: the six pabo princes and a 4d princess. this blog is 98% Bbanghim and sons.
tangled dreams

B.A.P. dancing to country music at the Rangers game lol

Flawless B.A.P with couple outfits


The many expressions of Choi Junhong as B.A.P. goofs around in their message video to Singaporean BABYz!

youngjae’s ringtone

B.A.P in New York

  • Yongguk: Museum of Modern Art... Picasso... Deep thinking.
  • Jongup: Fuck yeah, Shake Shack.

x x 

there are three types of people;


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop