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tangled dreams

Himchan can barely contain the feels
Bang Yongguk: Legendary Father of Aegyo 

Kim Himchan’s Emotions! (x)

So one of Himchan’s fansite came to the LOE Chicago and their plan was to hold up banners that said ‘Happy Birthday Himchan’ during the ‘nananananana’ part in Crash and look how shock and happy he looked when the banners were held up!~

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 🎂

HC: When we went to Japan, there was an opportunity for shopping. Yongguk has declared one sentence. From here to here, buy whatever you want to buy ♥


Whoops (*≧艸≦)


Jongup immediaetly regreting doing gwiyomi.